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My name is Kaitlyn Fly and I have been in the hair business since 2015. Ever since I was young, I have always loved playing with hair. As I grew older, I realized that hair was what I was meant to do. It was what I was passionate about. I love making women feel beautiful, confident and the best version of themselves. It’s so rewarding! I love all things from color, weddings, to extensions. The hair industry is always evolving, changing, and growing. There is no time to be bored with what I do! The best way to book is through my booking link. You can find that located on the Mane station website ( or in my Instagram bio (kaitlynfly_manestation)

My name is Mackenzie Peeples, the owner of Mane Station Chattanooga. 

I originally wanted to get into the hair industry because I loved styling! From high school proms, events, or weddings I loved to create a hairstyle with curls, twists & braids. As I started my career as a hairstylist in 2015 I became even more passionate about coloring and extensions. To me it was an art and every head was a canvas! Wether its a whole new look or some subtle touch ups to get it just right, I love turning my client around in the chair and seeing the look on their face after making them feel beautiful!!

As a bride, is there anything specific that I should ask a hairstylist before I hire them to do my wedding hair?

Always do your research on your stylist or salon. Ask yourself these questions: Do they typically do weddings? Do they know how to braid curl and do updos the way I am wanting? Are they reliable? Are they in my price range? 


Can I schedule a trial hair run before my wedding?

We always recommend a trial before your big day. Although we don’t recommend doing it too far in advance because of changes in your hair and so your trial is fresh on your stylist mind! you can always schedule more than one! 


Is there certain hairstyles that last better for long wedding days than others?

Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair certain hairstyles hold longer. Updos are more likely to last longer just due to if your hair holds curl or not. Of course we bring the heavy hold hairspray to make sure your hair is still perfect by the end of your day. The bride is always touched up last!


Should I get extensions?

Depending on your end goal, extensions are a great thing to have for your wedding because it will add the length and fullness and photographs amazing ! Of course, if you don’t plan on having extensions for a long period of time we can put in your clip ins or halo to achieve your wedding day hair goals.


Do certain hair types look better in certain styles than others? Can you help me figure out what would look best for my hair?

If you don’t plan on getting extensions and you have rather fine hair, we can play around with it and give you the look you are wanting but we will also be honest in telling you that the hair style you desire might not be for you because of your hair type.


Will you come to my venue?  

We will come on site for a small travel fee for groups of 4 or more getting their hair done. 


Can you do my whole bridal party?

We can do the whole bridal party as long as it was discussed with your stylist prior to the wedding day to make sure we have all the products and enough stylist to accommodate your wedding day timeline.

I’m thinking about a veil! Should I consider this when picking out a hairstyle?

Consider your hairstyle when deciding to wear a veil or not, we can always place a veil in any hairstyle but a veil normally covers up the hair style in the back for the time you wear it. 


What is your favorite type of wedding hairstyle?

Our favorite and most trendy wedding style right now is a half up style with loose curls, boho braids, undone, but still uniform.

At Mane Station, we have a team of 10 experienced and spectacular hair stylists, and one AMAZING aesthetician. We offer men & woman cuts, perfected color, luxurious extensions, wedding or event hair styling, lashes, facials, waxing & custom hand sprayed tans. You can book your appointment through our website at or call the salon at 423-260-4182. To reach your stylist personally you can text or dm them through instagram @manestationchattanooga ! 

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