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Emily Brewer, Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner,  shares helpful tips on how to have the best skin for your wedding day!  She specializes in general dermatology and surgery and loves all things skincare related!

A wedding to-do list can seem quite daunting. There are the obvious items, such as venue and dress selection, but what about the less obvious…like a visit to the dermatology office??? It is extremely common for a bride to come in to the office so that we can discuss skin concerns for the big day! Unfortunately, it is also common to hear that the wedding day is less than 3 months away. You might wonder, “why is that not enough time to get flawless skin?”  If you are simply looking for a high quality skin care regimen, three months might be acceptable. However, a majority patients are struggling with issues such as acne, pigmentation, or desire injectables for a smoother appearance. These treatment may take a minimum of 3-6 months to achieve the desired results, sometimes longer. 

Wedding day skin helpful tips to follow:

  • Allow yourself 9-12 months to get that radiant glow. This allows for us to formulate a customized skincare regimen, and make the needed adjustments. 
  • It takes a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks for acne products to take effect. If treated topically, hyperpigmentation may take up to 3 months to fade. Unfortunately, skincare regimens take time to work! 
  • Stress can cause a variety of problems with the skin! Find a way to alleviate your stress and anxiety. It is also a good idea to talk to your skincare provider about how to combat those stress induced flares! 
  • Discuss with your skincare provider how an aesthetician can help. Extractions, chemical peels, and laser treatments can really improve the appearance of the skin, but they are not for everyone. 
  • If it is a few days before the wedding and you feel an acne bump coming on…do not worry! As skincare providers, we are equipped with damage control options. I always tell my brides to call me if they feel an acne lesion coming on a few days before the wedding. Steroid injections directly into the lesion will significantly decrease the inflammation, making it hardly noticeable. 

Please remember, whether it is 12 months or 2 months before the big day, skincare providers are always here to help when it comes to matters of the skin!


The best way to connect with Emily is through Instagram! Give her a follow @thedermexpert to read more helpful skincare tips. If you would like to set up an appointment with her head to  Susong Dermatology and find more information there!


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