5 Tips for the Perfect Proposal

Here a a quick 5 Tips for the Perfect Proposal!


Most important tip of 5 Tips for the Perfect Proposal is to make it personal! When I polled my social media followers this was the #1 answer. Personalization. Proposals can be really really hyped up and feel like a huge production a lot of times, but they don’t have to be! OR if your person LOVES the idea of a grand gesture, make it specific to them! Pintrest and google have loads of proposal ideas floating around. I would encourage you to stop reading and looking up ideas to help you come up with yours. Turn it all off and think about your relationship, what your person loves, and how to intentionally be unique in asking

Ways to personalize your proposal:

  • Do you have a favorite place or somehwere sentimental to  you guys?
  • Does your person likes surprises?
  • Do they perfer grand gesture or private? Will they remember your words or that everyone was staring at them during your proposal?
  • Is there a favorite food or favorite song you could include?

Hear from some brides:

“I loved Nick’s proposal because it was private (just the two of us) and not fancy/frilly. It was a complete surprise and he just spoke from the heart which made it so sweet. ❤️ we just got to enjoy the moment together.”

“It’s about the moment, not the story of the moment. I had always wanted some grand proposal to tell people about. Then Dan proposed privately while we were in pajamas because he ‘just couldn’t wait any longer’. That was so much more meaningful than a public gesture.”

5 Tips for the Perfect Proposal

Chattanooga Proposal

2) Write a letter.

We ALL know how this moment can happen. You have all the right words in your head. And then… POOF. They are gone just as your are about to pop the question. WRITE YOUR WORDS! Not only will you have the ability to be intentional and make sure you say what you want to say, but also your person will have the letter to keep those words forever!

3) Hire a professional photographer.

Find a photographer to hide out in a bush and capture the special moment! Photogarphs will help make this moment a legacy       story. Not only will you have your words written in a letter, but also you will also have the moments captured for you to share and reflect on forever!

4) Be confident. Confidence is sexy.

5) Be flexible.

SO often proposal plans change because things don’t fall perfectly into place like planned. Don’t be discouraged and just go with the flow and stay flexible. After talking with lots of brides so often they LOVE how the plans changed because it helps make your proposal story uniquely yours.



Looking for someone to capture your propsal? Let’s chat about what bush you want me to hide in!

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