Bonneville Salt Flats Bridal Session | UTAH | Adam + Anna

SOO funny story. We showed up to what was supposed to be the salt flats to really find a lake in most areas. Seriously, about 6-10 inches of water covered the salt. ha!  And the areas that weren’t covered in water were actually just thick mud.  Anna and Adam didn’t hesitate at all ** my kinda couple** and whisked each other away through the mud.

Anna and Adam met while they were both serving as missionaries in Hungry. While serving they kept everything peachy and straight business. Anna remembers thinking about how Adam was the best looking guy around. And Adam recalls how Anna was the kindest person. It didn’t take long for them to pursue each other as soon as they both returned from serving! As they told me details of how they met and fell in love they way they looked at each other was SO CUTE. Both of them were giddy, glancing back and forth at each other, and reliving all the details. They were about 10 days away from their wedding day and you could tell they were both anxiously awaiting to officially call each other husband and wife!

3 more days until they put back on these clothes and become “eternal company” as Anna says! Anna and Adam, I am so glad our paths crossed and we were able to capture some pictures for you two to always look back at. I feel like the Salt Flats could be a good reminder that real beauty is found in pursuing each other and holding hands while walking through all the unexpected mud. Instead of it being an inconvenience, it became a a memorable adventure- I hope that you two are always this way in tackling life together.


Bride and Groom on bonneville salt flats




Florals : Ivy + Vine Floral //

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