Destination Engagement Session, Yosemite NP |Hannah + Zach|

Destination Engagement Session- California

The first time I visited Yosemite National Park was on my honeymoon in 2016 and I was so excited to finally return for Hannah + Zach’s destination engagement session. Drew and I stayed at a nearby campsite and drove into the park before anyone was up and moving. I remember the long drive through the winding trees. We scurried our way to the base of Bridal Veil Falls first thing. I will never forget the feeling of being at the base of the waterfall feeling all the little misty drops of water gently kiss my skin. Simultaneously I was feeling the rumble of the waterfall hitting the rocks throughout my entire body. I was so tiny and surrounded by a magical mist and crumbled rocks from the cliff above. That same day Drew and I would conquer the John Mist Trail, take a nap in our enos at the top of Nevada Falls, and later watch the sunset at Glacier Point. The time that Drew and I spent in Yosemite on our honeymoon was FULL of magic. Full of moments where we felt alive. Full of awe. 


Hannah and Zach’s love is full of those same emotions, you know the “make you feel alive” kinda moments. Full of awe. Full of magic. Hannah and Zach first met in November of 2018. And by met I should say they said basically just made eye contact and said a brisk hello. But it put this beautiful girl on Zach’s radar. It wouldn’t really be until February that they would connect once again. This time Zach wouldn’t let her get away without a heavy pursuit of getting to know Hannah more. 


Zach and Hannah conveniently found each other at the same events over the following months. Zach started swinging by the cafe Hannah worked at to grab a bite to eat. Next he brought his best friends, then his parents. Slowly, but also kinda quickly pursuing Hannah and making it clear that he wanted to get to know her. At first, Hannah denied any sort of intentions from Zach, but all her friends and family could see what was happening! 


Fast forward a few months, Zach was sure, Hannah too, that God had created them for one another. Zach proposed at the end of July on a cliff edge during sunset in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He proposed by taking polaroid pictures from nine of sentimental places to them and attaching the pictures to the stems of Hannah’s favorite flowers. He took his time, intentionally explained why he felt God and called him to marry her, and then got down on one knee. **HOW SWEET. Insert googly eyes ** 


Hannah said YES. 


Yosemite was the perfect place for their destination engagement session to capture the kind of love that Hannah and Zach have for one another. Together we walked through the valley floor, dipped our feet in the creek, ate a picnic lunch while staring out at Half Dome, and watched the sunset from Taft Point.


My prayer for Hannah and Zach is that they would always find “make you feel alive moments”, beautiful views, and awe in their future marriage. And that through it all– valley floors, swift moving creeks, vista points, and cliff edges that the know God is with them through it all.  


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