Scenic Chattanooga Overlook Proposal

Chattanooga Proposal

  Scenic Chattanooga Overlook Proposal

 Private Residence| Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Ladies, let me just give Tim a HUGE shout out for this scenic Chattanooga overlook proposal. He put so much thought and planning into popping the question at this scenic Chattanooga overlook!!  Tim screenshotted a google earth view of this location. Then, drew their potential walking paths, planned spot to propose, and potential hiding spots for me. Next, he connected me with Corbin’s mom and we set up a time to Facetime where she gave me a great tour of the location and helped me to find the perfect bush to hide behind. Tim arranged for all their closest family and friends to surprise Corbin to celebrate after he popped the question! So many friends and family drove in from Birmingham, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee. Seriously, Tim… way to go man!! He was so intentional with every step of this proposal. For sure one of my favorite proposals to capture to date!

One of my favorite things to do is have the future BRIDE and GROOM send over a quick recap of their proposal experience. So often big moments like this quickly become giant blurs of happy emotions. I pray that these pictures and words will bring them back to this monumental moment in their story for years and years to come!

Corbin’s POV

Tim and I were enjoying time at the lake with my best high school friends. After floating around the lake and riding on the boat, we returned to the lake house for lunch. We all sat under the pavilion chatting and eating until my friends seemed to quickly decide that it was time to leave the lake after only being there a few hours. I thought this was a bit strange that they all began packing up somewhat quickly but was not suspicious that the proposal was coming yet. We returned home to my parents’ house and got ready for dinner at what I thought was going to be at Lauren and Greg’s house. I came down to the kitchen all dressed up and ready for Tim and I to head to dinner. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen asking me if I wanted to walk down to the blueberry bushes in my parents’ backyard. My family was in the kitchen encouraging me to go outside with him as I had said that I didn’t want to as I knew we needed to leave. He quickly convinced me to walk outside with him. Once we were by the blueberry bushes, I asked to take a selfie as it was such a beautiful summer night. We took a few pictures and then Tim proceeded to say “it doesn’t matter” as he gently motioned for me to put my phone down. It gets a little blurry at this part and next thing I remember is Tim being down on one knee with the gorgeous ring. I felt as if I completely stopped in my tracks and asked if it was real life. Tim asked “Will you marry me?” and I didn’t remember if I said yes and then proceeded to ask him if I said yes because I sure was excited to say yes! It was the most magical night. I looked up the hill afterwards and my family was setting up for a party with lots of family and friends there to celebrate with us! It definitely could not have been any better!

Tim’s Engagement Thoughts:

    • I had been working on this plan for a while. The very first time she took me home to her parents, I knew when I proposed it would be in her parents’ backyard because of the incredible view.
    • I went shopping for the ring about a month and a half prior to me actually asking. I got it from a local jeweler in Birmingham Alabama (Southeastern Jewelers) that my parents used for their rings.
    • They custom-built her ring (it was made from a wedding band that they put a diamond mount on)
    • I got input from her friends about the ring. Once i saw it in person I knew Corbin would love it.
    • I started talking with her friends about planning the party around the 1st of august. I had to be careful about sending them texts because I didn’t want Corbin to see them replying to me. I put fake names in for several of them and made sure to turn off all my text message notifications.
    • I kinda jokingly suggested august 15th expecting it to work better to do it in September, but after talking with several of her friends we figured that August 15th would be the best weekend for everyone.
    • She had been joking around about an August Engagement but didn’t think it was happening till September so mid-august would really surprise her.
    • Once I had it planned I decided to make her think I had planned for September
      • I “accidentally” let it slip that it would be in September one night when I was tired to throw her off. She was always asking for details about when it would be so it was easy to let it slip.
      • I made a joke about getting Cookie Fix  (a local cookie shop) with her dad to make her think I still hadn’t talked to him. He loves that place and wants to go every time he’s in town.
      • We had plans for her family to meet mine the next weekend. She had mentioned that if possible she wanted them to meet before we got engaged (but she also knew it might not be able to happen because of busy schedules and everything going on with COVID-19)
    • It really started to set in Thursday night when I packed the ring to get ready to go to Chattanooga. Until then I was excited but packing caused it to increase a ton.
    • The whole weekend I was nervous (it was an excited nervous) but I tried not to let it show.
    • We had planned to go up to the Lake with some of her friends. and the plan was to go to one of her friend’s house that night for dinner which would give her an excuse to get dressed up. Just before we would need to leave I was going to suggest we go outside to watch the sunset (something that we do a lot so she wouldn’t have thought anything about it) and that’s when I would ask here
    • The drive up to Chattanooga went pretty smoothly. I thought I might be a little weird / off from my normal self but I think I managed to hide it pretty well.
    • Friday night, I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep but I slept better than I ever have.
    • Saturday morning, Corbin decided to mess with my plans by deciding that we would go straight to Lauren and Greg’s house after going to the lake (We had “plans” to get dinner with them, but it was just a cover to get her to dress up). I immediately texted her friends asking for help figuring out how to deal with this. They said they would come up with a plan
    • We went to the lake, and it was so fun and relaxing. It gave me something to keep me occupied so that I didn’t act weird throughout the day.
    • After being out on the lake for a little while around 3:30 Greg said we should head back to their lake house. Corbin seemed a little disappointed as we hadn’t been out on the lake that long.
    • We got back to the lake house and ate (which worked out perfectly because Corbin gets a little hangry sometimes and I knew we wouldn’t get to eat till later on at the engagement party.
    • Her friends said they needed a nap before dinner so we all decided to go back to our respective houses (which meant we would be heading back to her parents’ house just like I had planned)
    • We got back to her parents’ house and decided to take a nap. She slept but I didn’t, I was too excited.
    • After we napped, I got a shower which really calmed me down before I asked her.
    • I went downstairs and waited for her to get ready.
    • Once she came downstairs, we talked with her family for a little while. I asked if she wanted to go watch the sunset/and look at the blueberry bushes. She didn’t want to at first but her family helped change her mind.
    • Once we got down there she wanted to take a selfie not knowing about the photographer hiding in the bushes.
    • After we took a couple of pictures I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She was so excited but had no clue it was happening that day. She even said after a minute, “Wait I said yes right, because yes I’ll marry you”
    • After that, her family and friends started setting up the party while we took pictures.
    • The rest of the evening was fun talking with friends and family and telling them all the details
    • After the party died down, we stayed up talking with her parents and sister and her sister’s boyfriend till about 1 am.
    • Corbin was still too excited to sleep, so she and I talked for another couple of hours after that.

Where Tim’s got her BLING: Southeastern Jewelers

That super cute “Future Mrs. Crenshaw “balloon that Corbin LOVED: CUTE BALLOON

Food Catered by Taco Mamacita – Chattanooga


Shoutout to Sarah Whitney for connecting Tim and me! ❤️

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