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Keenan Daniels, the MOST electrifying man in DJ entertainment! With an unmistakable style and unforgettable personality, his domination of the sound system will have you off your seat and on the floor all night long. No matter the event or venue, He will keep the entire crowd engaged and entertained the whole evening! He has undoubtedly earned the self-proclaimed title “The most electrifying man in DJ Entertainment!” The Milliondollaman is a universal and inclusive DJ with a million dollar persona. He’s a Host, DJ, Choreographer – whatever it takes to make your event one that your guest will never forget! He caters to a wide range of audiences: every age, every culture and every race will enjoy any event that the The Milliondollaman is apart of! As CEO & Owner of KD Productions LLC, Keenan is more than just a DJ, he’s an entertainer that believes in excellence in execution! He is a true family man of faith, integrity and charm. He’s well respected by his peers in the Business of Weddings, Parties and in the Event Coordinator community. He resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his beautiful wife Alexis and 3 kids Kenedi, Kingston and Keegan.


Q: What is the benefit of having a good dj at my wedding?

A: You going to get a solid performance from a good DJ but a great DJ will give you everything you need plus the extra to create memories that will last a lifetime

Q: Do you just put on a playlist and make sure songs continue to play while my family and friends dance?

A: because every crowd is different it’s important that you take time to study the crowd in addition to incorporating the playlist I receive from my clients. Spotify playlist will not work.

Q: Do you do all the announcing during dinner and the reception?

A: I’ve always promoted myself as a host first than DJ. Wedding receptions require a voice and that’s what I promote to my brides the most is that I’ll handle all of the announcements in addition to providing musical entertainment.

Q: What are some questions that would be helpful to ask a dj before hiring them for my wedding day?

A: It’s important that DJ and clients have musical chemistry. The relationship between DJ and client is special so it’s important that they have a conversation about what the expectations are musically for their wedding day

Q: How do you make sure that the crowd is enjoying themselves?

A: As an entertainer if I’m enjoying myself chances are the crowd will be enjoying themselves as well. It’s also important to read the crowd and make judgmental musical decisions. People feed off the energy of the DJ.

Q: Is there anything I can do to set up my reception space to make for a better party?

A: Consult with the DJ before the floor plan is established. If you’ve hired an energetic DJ it’s important that he or she can be seen and placed centered in the room. Especially if they’re giving you a visual performance as well. There’s also the importance of dance lighting that needs to be seen especially if you’re paying for it. So yes consult with the DJ to make sure you’re getting the best from their services.

Q: Do I need to rent an actual dance floor for people to have a place to dance? Will people still dance if there is an empty spot on the floor?

A: It’s always a good idea to have the dance floor marked off. Some venues don’t have a ton of space so it’s important to communicate with the crowd about the dance floor space. If it’s in your budget to get a dance floor it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Q: Do I send you a list of songs that I want to be played?

A: Typically I ask for a few songs so I can get a generic feel of the music my clients enjoy. Most consumers don’t have an idea of the music they really like until you play it so they really trust in me to make executive musical decisions. A playlist definitely helps as I’m making those decisions.

Q: Do you take requests during the reception?

A: Bride and groom are the only people who are allowed to make requests during their wedding reception. I always get the illustration it’s like letting kids go to the restroom if you let one person make a request then they all want to make a request and then I become a human jukebox and could become easily distracted.

Q: What happens if the power goes out? Does the party end?

A: I’ve been in situations where the power has gone out and it’s usually a venue issue.

Q: I love to dance, but i’m worried my guests wont. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Some people have no problem dancing but then there are the ones who prefer line dances to help them build the courage they need to hit the dance floor. Line dances are instructional so it takes pressure off the brain to think about having to do a dance move or trying to look cool on the dance floor.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Extremely energetic and interactive. I have a very charismatic approach to working weddings because they require certain skill set. You got two families who may or may not know each other and it requires someone to draw the attention towards themselves to take the attention off each other.

Keenan is the Best of the Best. He is for sure a wedding vendor that you want to contact BEFORE you set your date if you want him because he is popular. He is worth setting your date around his schedule to have him host your party. You won’t regret it.


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