Chattanooga Fall Engagement Session

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Tennessee Fall Engagement Session

Northshore | Chattanooga, TENNESSEE

What a wonderful Tennessee Fall engagement session! Dillion and Krissy have such a unique story of how they met. It’s TOO good not to share with yall!

Dillion’s POV:

So we met the day after I came back from vacation at a party through mutual friends. I had no idea she was coming or who she was but I walked out to the garage and saw her sitting there and walked by her to get something. When I did someone slapped my butt and I totally thought it was her. To this day I refuse to believe anybody else slapped my butt and that it was actually Krissi even though I didn’t know her. I even turned around and asked and said “you don’t even know me” lol. From that moment on we were together constantly. I would do anything and everything just so I could be around her. After a a month or so of “talking” we started dating and have been now for about a year and a half. I definitely made the first move when it came to the kiss and I love you but she would be happy to tell you that I took my sweet time doing it. Apparently I am a little old school and don’t rush into those things but she would also tell you that she likes that about me.

How he proposed: Dillon proposed in the same spot they spent their first date in! 😍

Krissi’s POV:

I still get a hard time about the fact that I didn’t check the weather the morning of that first date. It was SO cloudy. However, to this day it is still one of my favorite dates, because I’ve never felt so instantly comfortable with a person. We talked for HOURS and could have talked longer if he didn’t have to go to work. It just felt right. Plus, a bird pooped on my arm for the first time in my life…that has to be some kind of sign or good luck, right? We have talked about recreating that date on a day that the sun would actually rise, so I didn’t think anything of it when he asked if I would want to go. It was definitely a surprise, and I was so excited that I barely let him get a word out once he got down on one knee. I am a hugger when I get excited or happy, and he couldn’t hug me from down there lol.

This Tennessee fall engagement session HAD to include the walking bridge where Dillon and Krissi spent their first date AND got engaged! Enjoy!

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