Chattanooga Fall Engagement Session


This Chattanooga Fall Engagement Session ALMOST didn’t have time to happen! So thankful we were able to coordinate our schedules and sneak this session in before Jackie and Dax’s big day! Dax has a crazy work schedule and in his off-time hunts making his availability super slim. Jackie contacted me and said she thought they might be able to squeeze in a quick session on the day she was having her makeup trial done. Drew and I had plans to head out of town on our babymoon, but we hung back a few more hours and we made this session happen for this sweet couple.

Engagement sessions are one of, if not, the MOST important parts of being a Ryn Loren Bride. Here’s why:

  1. We get to meet!! If we haven’t met yet your engagement session is the perfect time. We get to spend some time together and you get to know how I work behind the camera to make the magic happen.
  2. We go over all my core poses so that on your wedding day you two will be pros! Seriously, if you are nervous about what to do in pictures during your engagement session I calm all your anxieties! You will learn that I walk you through what to do with your feet, arms, and hands! Plus, you might get to learn about a few prompts too that I love to use to get those authentic smiles.
  3. We get to spend at least an hour together during your engagement session. This allows me to get to know about your love story and see your special spark. We usually only have a few minutes during your wedding day together, so the time we spent during your engagement session helps me to capture that spark authentically on your wedding day. The engagement session REALLY helps me serve my couples best!
  4. MORE PICTURES. Duh! Engagement sessions capture a special season in your life and give you more mems to reflect on later.
  5. They are SO fun. I absolutely LOVE capturing engagement sessions that are unique to your love story. Did you guys bump into each other running in a park? Let’s go to that place! Do you always go to Crackerbarrel for date day? I’m there for the pancakes. Is there an overlook that is special to you? Let’s GO! Your engagement story can be specific to your love story. We have the ability to really have fun and capture you guys uniquely!

Jackie + Dax, so glad we made this Tennessee Fall Engagement Session happen for the two of you! Can’t wait for your wedding day. It will be here so soon!!!







Check out their Tennessee Fall wedding day here!

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