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Hi, I’m Skip Skipper. I am a local Nooga native who loves to create and make new friends! Lot’s of people have confused me with Tim Tebow, so we named our first pup that. I used to work for the Chattanooga Zoo, FCA and In 2014 I created 148 Films in an effort to serve others by capturing their memories and passions and bringing their visions to life. One of the reasons I’m passionate about what we do is I love to tell stories and understand we’re working with other people on the other side of the camera. Yes, we’re making epic videos for you, but I’m also connecting to your story and encouraging you along the way! I am Part 107 Certified, Wild Croc Capture and Relocation Certified and will use any excuse I can to get my drone out to get some epic shots!So when you call 148, you’ll get a hold of me and I’ll walk through the first few steps with you before either or or one of our rockstar teammates will take over!

Why do I need a videographer? Can’t I just have uncle bob use his phone?
  • Video gives you more than just a visual into your wedding day, not only do you get to see the “in between” the pictures do not capture, but you also get to hear the sounds from the day all over again while reliving it. Uncle Bob may have the latest iphone, which is good for selfies and his insta posts, but not capturing real, tangible memories. Our experience and gear is custom tailored to capture every detail of your story without all the annoyance of having an iphone in your face all day. We also know how the day flows, what to watch out for and how to get the most out of every situation to create your perfect video.

What is a highlight film? Will this include the full day?

  • The highlight film is just the best pieces of the day customized with music and scenes to fit your unique story! But that’s not all we capture, the other footage we have helps you relive those moments when you see your bride for the first time and the 2-3 minutes of you being in awe of her afterwards that didn’t make it on the highlight film. We capture all the “home video” type moments throughout the day as well including first looks, dances, ceremony, tosses and any other major event during the day!

Do you give all the footage from the day? 

  • Yep! It’s of course touched up and has minor edits. Depending on the package you choose, you can get anything from just a ceremony to a full wedding documentary!

How is the wedding video delivered?

  • The handy dandy internet! We’ll send you a link once your video is finished for you to download.
How did you get into Wedding Videography?
Studies Sports & Business in college, was mentored by my roommate (a pro photographer at the time). Started following Jesus, took some photos of Crocodiles while on a mission trip in Malaysia. Figured if I could do that, I could film a wedding! Did a wedding, then created 148 Films & headed down the road of being a professional free-lance videographer nearly 8 years ago!


What is your heart behind what you do?

  • It’s in our name, but we want to glorify The Lord in everything we do. From the experience we provide to who we are working with, all the way to the final product. We love what we do and we have been given so much, we want to give that same love, compassion and professionalism to everyone we serve.
– Skip Skipper –
Owner / Filmmaker
(423) 987-2916
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