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If you walked into my house you would meet my wife Emily aka Em and three kiddos, Micah 3, Harper 1, Hayden 7months.  I grew up the oldest of six kids so family is not just important to me, it is part of my identity and story. For as long as I can remember, getting to know people has been a hobby and a joy in my  life. Many  memories I hold dear to my heart are significant because of the relationships I shared those moments with. I am a huge Penn State fan! When I’m not working you can find me doing a home project, enjoying good restaurants with Em and hanging with the kiddos.

I knew I wanted to make an impact on people. Having worked in service based industries & also in ministry for years, I found myself desiring more purpose in my work. My brother and sister in-law had been talking to a coach and over our wedding anniversary dinner we brainstormed on a napkin a list of careers that could be a good fit for me, and life coach was one of them. I started getting coached personally, then after a year of coaching I got certified, but only coached as a side hustle for the first two years. In 2019 I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I didn’t want to wait another day and continue doing something I knew wasn’t fulfilling. I quit my job, and launched Joe Malizia Coaching in January 2020 thanks to the help of wonderful friends and family!

What is your heart behind what you do?

I’m committed to loving my client and calling them into a future they cannot see or have yet to discover. It isn’t about me, it is about people who are willing to keep to their word and fight for the future they long for. My desire is to create the space for conversations that are needed for action to then take place to then bring about the change they want to see in themselves and the relationships around them. 

What is the difference between transformational coaching and counseling? 

TC focuses on future goals and vision, which then gives opportunity to ask yourself “what is needed of me to reach my goal and vision”. TC does not diagnose (ADD, ADHD, PTSD etc.) ever! TC invites participants to focus on new opportunities and creativity unlike counseling that can beautifully help with past healing or understanding of past experiences. TC also requires individuals to own/take responsibility for their contribution to their circumstances to help equip them to move forward. 

I don’t think I have problems in my life, do I need coaching? 

Yes! Coaches aren’t out to find or make problems. I always tell clients they are perfect just the way they are. Nothing about anyone is bad, broken or wrong – individuals, couples, businesses, etc. are living life and making choices the best way they know. Coaching can provide a space for feedback for individuals to discover areas of growth through asking questions and self discovery. One way to decide if coaching could be a resource is by asking two questions, 1) What do I want people to feel when they are interacting with me? 2) Would people around me say they experience that feeling/belief 100% of the time?

What does the experience look like for us to go through transformational coaching? 

Unlike some coaching programs that use a step by step program I go in the direction of the client. In other words, I invite clients to get very clear on where they want to go and assess where they are currently. Through the gap we are able to dive into deeper questions of what may be holding them back and what is needed to move forward. 

Is there a way to measure our “growth”? 

After making a vision I come alongside clients in getting very clear about the end results and bench marks along the way to live into their vision. So yes! Measuring of growth is determined by their commitment to bring their vision into reality with bench marks along the way. 

Is this kind of coaching right for everyone? 

Yes and No. Everyone can have a coach, but not everyone wants to be coached right now- and that’s ok! If you are looking for someone who just says nice things and doesn’t lovingly challenge you, then this coaching may not be for you. I tell clients that if I’m not making you feel uncomfortable, I’m really not pushing you to the future you are fighting for. Everything we aim for will require us to be uncomfortable, so why do it alone?  

What topics might we cover? 

The beautiful part about the work I do is standing with folks on a variety of topics. Everything from invoices not getting paid, decision making in marriage, talking to kids, firing employees, conflict resolution, quitting a job to start a business, etc are just a few of the topics I have with clients on a regular basis. The topic is about you! Where you are currently, where you are going and where you want to be!

How do I know what to talk about with you? 

Easy, set up a discovery call 🙂 This a free 30 minute conversation where I get to ask questions and show you how I coach. One of the questions I like to ask- If you could fast forward twenty years from today, what would you want to describe yourself as? 

My spouse isn’t interested, but I’m interested. Would it be beneficial for just me? 

Yes, as the saying goes “you can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.” I have seen couples/business partners drag the other into a conversation and it doesn’t end well. Having a Discovery Call can be a great place to LEARN if coaching is something your spouse is interested in and then allow them to make the decision for themselves. 

What areas of my life can transformational coaching help with? 

Self confidence, trust, personal and professional relationships, job changes, launching a business, working on teams, marriage, budgeting and so much more!! 

What makes you different than other people who offer the same services?

I truly love the people I work with & I give my whole heart to the relationship. I tell my clients they get all of me when we work together. I’m very flexible in areas I specialize in- business coaching and personal life coaching. Regardless of the area of focus I love helping people see how everything is interconnected. 

Joe Malizia

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