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When searching for wedding inspo across social media, it’s likely you will see thousands of photos of hair. Updos, braids, extensions, and curls- it can seem like there are a million possibilities for your wedding hair. Clearly, the hair is very important to nearly every bride. Because of this, it is helpful to find the right stylist for your day and communicate with them in advance. Lindsey Abbott,  a Chattanooga hair stylist, shares how a stylist can help you get that perfect ‘do for your wedding. 

Hello brides! My name is Lindsey Abbott and I am a stylist at La Bella Jewels salon in Hixson Tennessee. Doing hair has been my passion since I was a kid. I had no idea it would blow up to be the amazing career that it is now. I started out working weddings on the side in college to make extra money. I loved the thrill of making the wedding party feel confident and ready to take on the aisle. Immediately after graduating college in 2018, I started hair school. I was so eager to get done so I worked my butt off, stayed 40 hours a week, and quit my job so I could be in my career sooner! December 2020 marked my one-year anniversary. I LOVE doing weddings and I am so happy to take on more brides for hairstyles in the future. 

As a bride, is there anything specific that I should ask a hairstylist before I hire them to do my wedding hair? 

I think it’s super important to ask your hairstylist if they are comfortable doing large wedding parties, if they travel, if there is a travel fee they need to pay and if they need to provide hair accessories etc. This way there is no confusion on who is supposed to provide what for your wedding! 


Can I schedule a trial hair run before my wedding? 

YES. With me I charge a booking fee which is not a deposit, it holds your date and includes your trial. I typically like to do trials so we can try out a couple of looks to see which one works best! 


Are there certain hairstyles that last better for long wedding days than others? 

Something important to keep in mind is whether or not your hair will hold a curl?  If the answer is no, an updo may be a better option for you. Remember that, especially in Tennessee, it can get very humid, it will be harder to keep your style if the weather isn’t our friend that day. Remember that if your hair doesn’t usually hold a curl, it won’t magically hold one on the day of your wedding.

Should I get extensions? 

If the looks you have been eyeballing are thick,boho braids, or updos-YES. Get those extensions, girl! You don’t have to go crazy and get sew-ins that have so much upkeep. You can always buy clip-ins and if you love the look of them, THEN invest in sew-ins if you’d like! Personally, I love working with extension hair because the possibilities are endless with how you can style your hair! 


Do certain hair types look better in certain styles than others? Can you help me figure out what would look best for my hair? 

Yes! During your trial, we can figure out what works best for your hair type. For example, if your hair is very fine, you may not be able to achieve the big chunky braided look without adding in some extensions. Or maybe if your hair is coarse and frizzy it may not be as smooth as the inspiration pictures on Pinterest. Use Pinterest as inspiration and not as an expectation. 


Will you come to my venue? 

Absolutely!! I travel for all of my weddings and I enjoy being there for you and the bridal party! Also, it makes for great getting ready pictures with your photographer!


Can you do my whole bridal party?

Absolutely, girl! Depending on the size of the bridal party and what the day of timeline looks like, I may even bring an assistant to help out with timing to make sure everyone is ready in plenty of time, stress free! 

Do you also do makeup? 

Unfortunately, I do not offer makeup services anymore for weddings. When you have only one person doing everyone’s hair and makeup, it takes the bridal party much longer to get ready. Everyone has to arrive earlier, and wait around for their turn. When people hire a makeup artist and hairstylist things can go more faster and smoother. And, everyone feels pampered at all times! 

I’m thinking about a veil! Should I consider this when picking out a hairstyle? 

Yes! Also if you’re not sure, borrow a friend’s to bring to the hair trial to see if you like the look of it! Personally, for my wedding, I didn’t wear one because I’m very petite and there are so many new trends. You can always opt-out of a veil and wear a beautiful hair accessory instead. But if you are more traditional, wear a veil! 

What is something that most brides don’t know that is helpful for me to know when picking out a hairstyle? 

Look at the style of your dress!! If it has a more open back and you’re insecure about your back, have your hair down. If you want certain features of your dress to show, you can wear it up! Always remember that you want to feel the most beautiful on your wedding day. If you know for a fact you don’t like how you look with your hair up, that may not be the best option for you. Also, do not make any random decisions like cutting bangs or something before the wedding… because what if you hate it? Keep your hair as you as possible so when you look back at the pictures you can recognize yourself. 


Do you like Pinterest board inspiration? 

YES YES YES. However, remember that Pinterest IS inspiration and not an expectation. I cannot stress that enough. Pinterest is usually very edited so keep in mind a lot of the girls on there have a couple of pounds of extensions for their hair to look as full as it does in photos. It’s good to provide photos so that I can know where your mind is at for your big day!


The best way to reach me is through my hair page on Instagram: lindseybellebeauty 

I love messaging on there so I can see you as a person and what vibe you’re going for your big day! Feel free to send me photos of inspiration and what you envision for your wedding day. 

*All these beautiful images on this page have been provided by Lindsey and are by the very talented Haven Haines. Please note they are not work of RynLoren*

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