5 Takeaways from a Trip to Kroger

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5 Takeaways from a Trip to Kroger

I was in a Korger in North Nashville and I HAVE to share with you about my 5 takeaways from a trip to Kroger.  

Drew’s job brought us to Nashville for a couple days. I was just popping into the store after dropping Drew off to grab a few gluten free snackies (I went gluten free back at the beginning of December #thyroidprobs). I was standing there searching through ingredients carefully when a women got extremely close – red flag #1– to me and mumbled something. So, I took a mini step back so I could see her face and try to read her lips. She backtracked and repeated herself. Then, she carried on explaining how her car broke down and she needed bus money, but didn’t have anything left on her card. 


Something about the way she approached me and how close she was immediately made my figurative hair stand up on my back. You know what I mean. I was cornered, no way to escape. I wanted to hear her out and to help her, but my internal discernement meter was screaming loudly at me. Something didn’t feel right….


She asked for $5.25 for a bus fare. I asked her where her bus stop was and offered to walk to the bus to buy her her fare. She scatteredly started talking about how that wasn’t necessary and that she would just wait for me right outside the doors. Willing to help and wanting some space, I agreed. I would check out, get a little cashback, and walk her to the bus to buy her bus ticket. 


Now, I was seriously thrown off. For some reason I felt panicky. I don’t feel this way often. Even solo traveling to a handful of countries I rarely have felt like this! 

Lean into your inner discernment

Aisle 7 is when I decided to “pull over” and try to think through this scenario. I wasn’t at peace about it. Honestly, giving someone bus money isn’t that big of a deal. I would gladly love to help brighten someone’s day by removing a huge burden.  But something about how I was approached made me antsy and made me not want to help her. I quickly did a google search of nashville bus fares. None of which were $5.25. Red Flag #2


I glanced up and saw her looking at me. Smoothly I acknowledged her and continued to shop. I walked down another aisle and back to where I started. Trying to throw her off. I made a wrong turn and we were walking right towards each other. Nopppeee, I turned around and walked the other way towards a group of people in the produce section and lots of visibility. She approached me with frustration and told me she was tired of waiting for me and asked me when I would be done shopping. Red flag #3

I politely explained to her that I looked online to buy the bus fare and how I saw that none of them were $5.25. That I was glad to help her, but wished she would have just been real with me and that I was no longer comfortable walking her to the bus to get her fare. She stormed off and waited outside the doors. *shaking inside and dreading the brisk walk to my car*

5 Takeaways From a Quick Trip to Kroger

I took a deep breath and walked a few more aisles and decided I would go through the self checkout. My inner dialogue chatting with God about an exit strategy.I looked outside and saw her waiting there still. Gosh, I gotta get the heck outta here…..

“Sir, do you have a card number? We don’t have Krogers in Chattanooga!” I said to the gentleman checking out next to me. He shared his number with me and then asked me what the shirt I was wearing meant.Taken off guard I glanced down to remember what shirt I was wearing and then quickly stumbled through the shirts meaning. A navy blue Calvary Chapel Shirt, with the word RISE written boldly across the front. 



Reading God’s word regularly to know Him intimately. 

Investing our time and talents worshipfully. 

Surrounding ourselves with Godly community. 

Engaging the world with God’s love. 


Adam lit up and boldly claimed that he too was part of Christ’s Church. Meanwhile, my self checkout timed out and the clerk approached me to pay at her station. Ha! I quickly glanced outside and noticed two unmarked, but clearly known cop cars (with K9 unit) right at the door. PRAISE.  Bus fare lady also wasn’t lingering around anymore from what I could tell.And the funniest part of this story is, I didn’t save any money by swiping a Krogers card. Haha! 


 Adam shared with me about the ministries he is spearheading in North Nashville. And in our brief 10 minute conversation I found out that he gave his life to Christ through a Calvary Chapel in California. He mentioned Ephesians 2:10 to me and encouraged me to keep living out Ephesians 2:10. 


10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.      Ephesians 2:10


I’ll claim that as a little fingerprint from God. It allowed me to spend a few more minutes in the store, for the police to be at the door, and meant I wasn’t walking out of the store alone. 

5 Takeaways from a Quick Trip to Kroger

  1. Be aware always.
  2. Don’t compromise your safety in the name of being generous. 
  3. Trust your inner discernment. You have those feelings for a reason. 
  4. Prayer works. I felt silly and a bit dramatic praying about an exit strategy. But my prayers were answered directly. The police came and parked by the doors (GodFlag #1). The lady disappeared (GodFlag #2) . And Adam (GodFlag #3) . Three #Godflags- you know, like red flags, but God flags. Also, I just made that up and i’m rolling with it. Ha! 
  5. Grip tightly onto those undenabile God moments. So  if/when you go through seasons of doubt you have a tangible experience to keep you rooted. 


Once I had a friend ask me about those undeniable experiences and how she could have them too. At the time I don’t think I adequately answered her question, but after today this is what I would encourage her to do- RISE.  You have them in your life too, you just may not be giving credit where it’s due. Hope you see lot’s of #godflags today. 

5 Takeaways from a Quick Trip to Kroger


Have you experienced a #godflag in your life recently? Hop on over to my contact page and message me! I would LOVE to chat with you and hear about your undeniable experience of seeing God’s thumbprints in your life.


As always- all my love,

Ryn Loren


Special thanks to my friend Sarah for these photos! 

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